The Position of the Free Tibet Movement


The People’s Republic of China

There are two competing views of the vast landscape known as Tibet - and consequently, there have arisen two mutually exclusive claims to the same territory:

1. known to the Chinese government as the Tibetan Autonomous Region (“TAR”) and

2. to the Free Tibet movement as Greater Tibet,   i.e., TAR plus parcels of adjacent Chinese provinces populated by ethnic Tibetans, Han, Uighur, Muslim Hui, and other ethnic nationalities.

A COURTESY WARNING: This website is for those willing to investigate the facts and come to their own conclusions.  If you are a "true believer" on one side or the other, then this website is not for you. It will make you think and reason, not just to believe  "your side" and reflexively vilify the "other side."


Well, any one who has tried to "dialogue" with a "believer" of either side shares my frustration.  Advocates are prone towards ideological sloganeering - i.e., that of "true believers."  Not surprisingly as one side is fundamentally religious Buddhism and the other side is fundamentally ideological Marxism.  Both are trained to hew to Doctrine.

But let us learn from Qomolongma - or Mt. Everest.  This highest peak of the earth appears unmovable because of our shorter human perception of  time.  If there were a time-lapse camera that clicks only every few eons, we would see Qomolognma rise from the bottom of an ancient ocean, slowly rising into a peak.  And if that camera could continue into future eons, we could see that same peak curling over one side like a wave and eventually breaking, and perhaps flattening out again into an ocean.

In other words, neither should our current short-term viewpoints be "set in stone," for truly, the situation with Tibet has changed dramatically over the centuries into the 1950s, and continues to be fluid and moving



TCAP rejects both ideological positions.  TCAP also rejects being in a "neutral" place.

The oft-misused and debased phrase in "the middle way" implaying a peacful compromise, as temptingly disingenuous it is to use the Buddha's own words, does not describe this site.

Facts are not a "middle-way" or a compromise between intractable positions.  Facts are clear, unbreakable, and and in laser-aim can point to solutions.

So like the young hikers above in this website's banner head, freshly seeing a new landscape of mountains, valleys, and towns for the first time, we'll explore with fresh eyes, open minds free of past positions, and just see, hear, taste, touch, and feel what is there.

Undisputedly,  Historic Tibet society was not a perpetual Nirvana and Modern Tibet is not a 100% harmonious socialist paradise.  So what is an accurate description of today's Tibet?

Join me with your fresh eyes and open minds and let's take a journey and figure it out together.  For if we know the truth, the truth will set us to resolve the situation on a real set of facts and not to escalate the conflict into war due to diametrically opposed belief systems.

THE PRACTICE OF RIGHT VIEW & INVESTIGATION: Both progressive political inquiry and the Buddhist Eighth Point Matrix Path teaches us to investigate, see things as they are in fact, and analyze in an even way.

THE PRACTICE OF RIGHT SPEECH & REPORTING: We then clearly, respectfully, and objectively communicate our findings.

THE PRACTICE OF RIGHT ACTION: Finally, whatever actions one may take, let us not act upon unquestionable ideological positons or from claims of superior, geographical entitlement.

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Let's Journey into the Realm of


An American student and a Chinese student are friends.

Then, they talk about Tibet.

Friendship over.

This platform is for those who wish to

discuss and reason with respect ...& stay friends.

"Just the facts, mam."


In brief summary, the claim is that Tibet was a completely free and independent country that has never been part of the Chinese nation until 1950.  

This is  the claim of the Tibetans- in-exile, the Tibetan Government in Exile, their western supporters under a number of changing organizations, and popularly represented by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his non-violent approach to free Tibet.

But for discussion purposes, this website collectively refers to them as the Free Tibet Campaign.

Further, Tibet was invaded by the People’s Republic in China, either in 1950 and/or again in 1959, and then brutally colonized by the Chinese government.

In March 2009,  His Holiness The Dalai Lama, had this to say about Tibet, Tibetans, and their culture: “...that the Chinese Communist Party had transformed Tibet into a “hell on earth” and that the Chinese authorities regarded Tibetans as “criminals deserving to be put to death.”   His Holiness the Dalai Lama is  public face of the Free Tibetan movement. He has also accused China of "cultural genocide."


In brief summary, the People’s Republic of China claim is that Tibet is, and has been for hundreds of years, part of the Chinese nation; and that ethnic Tibetans are, and have been, one of the five major ethnic peoples constituting the civilization of China.

Further, that the Chinese government has expended extraordinary sums of monies rebuilding temples destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, allows the open worship of Tibetan Buddhism throughout the Tibet and  China, and actively supports the vitality of Tibetan language, culture, and arts.

Common Tibetans are now free from feudalistic exploitation and corvee slave labor, enjoy hygienic modern cities with real roads, public schools, jobs, and benefit from affirmative action programs to prep schools, boarding schools, and civil service jobs upon graduation.

Moreover, the Dalai Lama is a conniving jackal and an irredeemable “splittist” and “separatist” who has, in the past, been a willing propaganda tool of the West.

The CIA has on-and-off funded both the public campaign and and a guerrila Tibetan army.


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