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of distinguishing truth & fact

from deep seated beliefs and reflexive opinion.

What the traveler saw...

Oct 2008: What the traveler saw...

A  Nomad Camp - Yurts with Mini-Solar Panels for cell phones!?!

Cruising along running streams, we see a herder  serenely walks his yaks, we picnic on a gurgling river bank with homemade Barley beer, run into increasing numbers of yak, a herd here and there, and finally we see why - a nomad encampment... a fusion of old ways made easier by new-fangled gear.

What surprised me most about the Nomad encampment was its subtle blend of modern and traditional:

1. Mini solar panels on their yurt-tents.

2. Tractors, trucks, and motorcycles as well as horses

3. Boombox playing pop music (Chinese pop songs according to my guide, Jigme)

4. And cell phones too!

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